October 4, 2022

Google Workspace Affiliate Program Review | Earn money on Google Workspace Affiliate Program.

Did you know you could make money being a Google affiliate? I doubt you knew. In our review today, we will be sharing how to become a Google Workspace Affiliate by joining/showing you steps on how to sign up for Google Workspace Affiliate Program.


Google Workspace Affiliate Program Review | What is Google Workspace Affiliate Program?

The Google Workspace Affiliate Program is a platform for individuals who can refer at least 100 persons per year to engage with or sign up for and constantly use Google’s products such as Gmail, Google meet, Google drive and more.

It is a program for high volume referrers.


Google Workspace Affiliate Program Requirements.

Here are a few things that are out into consideration before giving you full access to your affiliate dashboard:

  1. Performance Potential: Consistent traffic and an audience intending to engage with products or services that help businesses.
  2. Quality: Content that is engaging, tasteful, authentic, fresh, and non-polarizing.
  3. Relevance: Themes that are related to Google Workspace and its users.
  4. Aesthetics: A visually pleasing design aligned to Google’s brand values


How to sign up for Google Workspace Affiliate Program.

Steps on how to sign up for Google Workspace Affiliate Program:

  1. Go to CJ affiliate sign up page to sign up for the affiliate program,
  2. Fill out the form with your correct details,
  3. Complete the information fields to the left to begin the registration process. Please take note of the email address and password you choose as this will be your CJ login.
  4. Confirm your email address.
  5. Read and accept CJ Affiliate Publisher Agreements
  6. Sign in to the account you just created.
  7. Once signed in, your Google Workspace Affiliate Program application will be set to pending. In order for you to activate your account, you must complete CJ’s Onboarding Checklist.
    • Please be prepared to provide company details, tax forms, and payment information to complete your application
  8. Your application will be submitted to our dedicated account teams for official review.
  9. You will be notified if you are accepted to the program.


How it works.

Google Workspace Affiliate Program Review


  • Join at no charge via CJ Affiliate. You’ll be notified when your application is reviewed.
  • Promote your link with the support of exclusive offers and a library of banners and other materials we provide. redeem.
  • Earn for new users you refer. Track your success on a live dashboard and optimize your earnings with 1:1 support.


Google Workspace Affiliate Program Payment.

You’ll receive a cash payout for every new eligible user that you refer to Google Workspace. Google Workspace has three editions that are available for customers to sign-up online: Starter, Standard, and Plus.

As we know, the more you refer, the more you can earn, and with no annual earnings cap.
Baseline commission rates (United States):

  • Business Starter: USD $9 per user
  • Business Standard: USD $18 per user
  • Business Plus: USD $27 per user

Payouts are per new user. For example, if you refer 1 new Business Plus account in the United States with 10 users, you get paid for all 10 users: USD $270. Earn for up to 300 users per account you refer. Commissions vary by country and edition.

Unlock opportunities to promote a variety of exclusive offers that give referred users savings on their subscriptions.


Who owns Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Affiliate Program

Javier Soltero is the current manager and vice president of Google Workspace.

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