October 4, 2022

Systeme Affiliate Program Review | Make money on Systeme Affiliate Program.


Our affiliate program review today, is focused on Systeme.io Affiliate Program. Pronounced “system dot I-O”, systeme.io is an all-in-one online business building platform that makes it easier and faster to launch, grow, and scale online businesses.

With a large community of about 8,000 customers, systeme.io is really growing rapidly.

As stated on the about page of systeme.io website;

We are a remote team of 60 people from all over the world, and our tool is available in 7 languages!

Our software allows you to set up your business in a way that’s best suited to its needs — from website and landing page creation to email marketing and membership sites, systeme.io has you covered!

Our goal here at systeme.io is to ensure that you’re running a successful business that’s driven towards moving your success story forward.

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Systeme Affiliate Program Review | What is Systeme Affiliate Program?

It is a program that allows you to earn commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link or referral link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars.

Once you sign up to systeme.io, you automatically join our affiliate program and are given a unique affiliate ID that you can find here

Note: Our affiliate program works on the last cookie. If another affiliate refers the same
lead with their affiliate ID after you do, they’ll get credit for the sale. However, you will still get commissions for the subscriptions that were bought using your affiliate link.

How to sign up for Systeme Affiliate Program.

The process of signing up for Systeme Affiliate Program is a very simple one. All you need to do is;

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your email address in the box provided.
  3. Click on “Join and start start earning affiliate commissions”.

How it works.

Systeme carefully gave a detailed explanation on how their affiliate program works which is what we have below;

1. How does it work?

Once you sign up to systeme.io, you automatically join our affiliate program and are given a unique affiliate ID:

(Your affiliate ID will be displayed here: https://systeme.io/dashboard/affiliate/)

  • All you have to do is send visitors to our site, and we’ll convert them into customers.
  • You earn 50% on the amount of all sales of systeme.io and our courses before tax.
  • This is a lifetime affiliation: The contacts you send are marked in the database with your affiliate ID, so even if they don’t buy anything until 6 months or a year later, you will still earn commissions on their purchases.

2. How does our lifetime affiliation work?

Once you’ve referred someone to us and they opt-in using your affiliate link, your affiliate ID is linked to your referral’s email address for life:

In each email we send out to your referral, we add your affiliate ID (systeme.io does this automatically).

Our affiliate tracking method is more effective than simply relying on cookies alone. People often use different devices, meaning that a cookie might not be there if they decide to sign up to systeme.io using their mobile phone, tablet, or a different computer.

Whereas with our affiliate tracking, once someone has opted in with your affiliate link and receives an email from us on a different device, your affiliate link will still be attached (and unlike cookies, this link never expires).

How does our lifetime affiliation work? Cont’d

If you referred someone who signed up on his home computer, and one year later he receives an email on his phone while on holiday, clicks the link, and purchases the offer while using a different email address than the one he used to sign up to our email list, you will still get credit for the sale as an affiliate.

When they clicked the link, your affiliate ID was attached to it, so we know you are the affiliate who referred them to us.

Note: Our affiliate program works on the last cookie. If in the meantime, another affiliate referred the same lead with their affiliate ID, they’ll get credit for the sale.

3. How to promote systeme.io?

To promote the systeme.io affiliate program, you just have to add ?sa=YOURAFFILIATEID at the end of the URL anytime you mention a systeme.io page (it can be the home page, a page from our blog, or any of our landing pages, sales pages, or payment pages. Just as long as it’s part of systeme.io)

Systeme Affiliate Program Payment.

Payment of affiliate commissions on Systeme is explained below;

To do this, please go to “Settings”, then to “Affiliate Settings”, which is located in your menu by clicking on your profile picture and there you choose the method of receiving your commissions.

To receive your commissions, you will first have to choose a commission payment method, either Paypal or Wire Transfer.

Commissions are paid on the 10th of each month under the following conditions:

  • You have to correctly fill in your profile information so that systeme.io can generate the correct invoices.
  • The total amount of your commissions must exceed $30.
  • The time period between the purchase of the sent contact and the payment of your commission must be longer than 30 days.

Who owns Systeme?

The owner of Systeme.io is Aurélien Amacker.


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